If there is one thing that gets me excited; it’s seeing young people who have never heard of God or the gospel before, make a decision and watching them come into the family and also get discipled.

Another thing that gets me excited, is to see our new friends meet and befriend other ‘seasoned’ friends. In the past, this was happening at more random times, but it was still really sweet.

But now there is a time every week for this to happen. For quite a while there has been a main group that meets weekly, and it has a lot of students that attend there. I have had the privilege to help out with that group weekly; doing games, songs and speaking a couple of times. It’s really a lot of fun.

There was already talk about another group starting, but since our team has arrived, there has been a lot of people join the family. And sure sped things up a bit. After meetings and prayer the group was started! It has been going on for two weeks now, and already there are great things happening.

It’s such a joy to see our friends we have made here get plugged in to a network that is solid! There are some ‘pillar students’ that have moved from the old group, to the new group. It’s such a great idea. To have new family members getting to meet and hang out with some more mature family members.

Yes, it’s cold in January, but there’s a fire burning bright! I look forward to the continued fellowship and discipleship!

Nothin but love family!

-“that guy”-