Even as we were driving up the mountains God put a song in my heart to sing. I knew that we were going to have a time of worship when we reached the village. A village that contained a very special people group. They are spread throughout the mountainous regions in our province.

A group where 98% of them have never heard the name of Jesus. Out of 250,000 people! Where 1% have heard the gospel before, and 1% practice any form of ‘family things’.

It totally blows my mind when I think about that stuff. During this past week we had the chance to visit these special people. We spent 3 days going to different villages and places. Our leaders here have established some relationships with people there, so they were our focus for this trip.

To say the least, this trip was a success!!! No one got saved. Heck, I didn’t even share the gospel with anyone. But our objectives were much more plowing oriented than reaping.

Our first night we stayed with a local family. It was amazing! We laughed, sang, and brought that good ol’ Light into that place! As we worshiped, God’s presence filled that house and was breaking down walls.

The next morning we went to the town square and had a time of singing and prayer. It was incredible as well. Towards the end of our time, we had a group of locals around us all staring, pointing, and watching maybe for the first time people worshiping the one and true God. Again, my mind is blown!

The best part of the trip is that part of the local leadership here came with us! And they caught the vision for reaching minorties for Jesus! (Haha! Sorry I have to have a joyful laugh inserted right here!)

It was a precious time. One of those moments you never forget. A time that leaves you with a burden of prayer and intercession. A time that leaves you filled with joy knowing God’s plans are being walked out!