Right now I am lounging in sweats, drinking Gatorade, and trying to get up the courage to eat toast. Why must I get up the courage to eat toast you may ask? Well let me tell you about my day yesterday.

It all started out pretty typical I had the local language lessons in the morning (which sometimes wants to make your brain explode) followed by a one on one with my leader Viv.It was great to share with her about how I am doing with getting ready to come home soon. I am excited but it is bittersweet. I am excited to see all of you but I am very said to leave my family and friends here in C-Land.

After my one on one Carl picked me up on his rad motor scooter and we chilled in a park and drank some team which is the ultimate Asian thing to do on a beautiful day. Then we went back to my house and made some tacos …. Here is where is gets interesting.

As we were shopping for tacos I started to feel a little sick but I just brushed it off and figured it was nothing. I had a Bible study that night with three girls and I did not want to cancel it. So after we ate the tacos I began to feel even more sick and was contemplating once again about canceling the meeting but I really didn’t want to because this would only have been our second meeting together.

So I pulled it together and Carl dropped me off at their university to meet with the girls. They knew I was feeling sick but they were extremely glad that I came. We went to a tea house and I ordered some Coke (hoping it would make my stomach feel better). Sherry pulled out her guitar and we sang two English songs (which they did for my benefit) and then we started to look at the Bible together. Last week it was just Sherry, Rachel, & myself but this week Sherry invited her friend Mia.

It was about 15 min. into the meeting when I began to feel really light headed. I proceeded to excuse myself to the bathroom and I made it to the doorway of the bathroom (not even all the way in) and that is where I fainted. I think I was only out for like 5 seconds. The girls came rushing over and then I proceeded to throw up everything in the squatty potty as the girls were holding me over it.

The girls called Carl to come and pick me up but while we were waiting I figured we could still talk about what we read. So the girls started talking and asking questions. At this point once again I began to feel light headed. So I excused myself to the bathroom (luckily I made it there this time) and I proceeded to have everything come out the other end (if you know what I mean). So I get out of the bathroom and the first thing Sherry says to me is that Mia wants to come into the family. In my head I was like are you serious. I have been fainting, throwing up, & the other stuff and this girl wants to come into the family. Sherry asked me to lead her into the family but I told Sherry that I wanted her to do it. Sherry had never done it before. So I coached Sherry through leading Mia into the family. After that I went and met Carl and he took me home where I had a long night.

I still am processing all that happened. It is soo true that God doesn’t need me to move powerfully. God’s word, God’s plans will not be thwarted. Ahhhhh! I am so happy and at the same time I am still recovering physically.