It is amazing to see how God can use even your mistakes to bring about his purposes. Autumn and I were trying to figure out which one of our friends we were going to call to hang out with. We figured we would try and connect with a new friend. Autumn had a list of friends that she just met at the English corner on Friday so she called one of them up thinking that this girl was from the old campus. Her name was Annie and we were half way through our conversation of planning to meet with her when Autumn realized that Annie was on a campus 35 min away. So we quickly changed our plans and asked Annie if she could meet with us on Friday night instead of tonight.

Friday night rolled around and Autumn was soo flustered because she couldn't remember who this girl was and she was apologizing to me for messing up the meeting. I told her don't worry the Lord has a plan and He knew this was going to happen. So we met up with Annie and her friend Sarah to have some tea. It turns out that Annie and Sarah are both hungry for God. During our first meeting with them we got to share the whole message of God and His Son. It was amazing. Annie's heart was so open and she understood everything we were saying. At the end of the meeting we invited Annie to come to our family church on Sunday and she agreed.

Autumn and I ride our bikes to the family church so Autumn decided to take Annie on the back of her bike instead of taking the bus. So there we were riding our bikes to church; very excited for what the Lord was going to do. We arrived at that party and instantly the people just made Annie feel welcomed. It was about 30 minutes into the family party when we had a 10 min break. It was during that 10 minute break that we helped lead Annie into God's family. It was soo wonderful. This was only our second time hanging out with Annie. Jesus was working on her heart long before we even met her. We were just the ones to harvest were others had planted seeds. It reminds me of the verse that God used to confirm my coming to Asia. It is in John. 4:35-39. It talks about how Dad was sending me to reap where others have sown. Outstanding!

That next Saturday we invited Annie to come over to our apartment so we could talk to her about baptism. So within one and a half weeks of knowing Annie she came into the family, got baptized (in our bathtub) and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! God is soo amazing. I was just sitting there thinking is this real? Is this really happening? It was all Jesus working in her heart.

We are getting ready for the Christmas season over here. We have tons of parties coming up. I love Christmas and it is such a wide open door to share the message of Jesus with our friends. Please ask God that hearts will be opened and that His anointing will fall during our parties. Thanks for all of your talks to the Lord on my behalf and partnering with me to bring people home to Jesus. Welcome Home Annie!