At the end of August, we had the joy of sending 12 brave sons and daughters to Asia to follow the call of their Father.

Since they landed 4 weeks ago, they have seen 11 people commit their lives to Dad! One of our long-term workers told us that he is blown away by this fruit; not because he hasn’t seen similar numbers before, but because all 11 of these new brothers are demonstrating a glowing, genuine faith that is not always typical among new believers in Asia!

If these 11 students all get plugged into small groups in the next week or two – this team will have planted an entire house church in under a month!

Watching this new group of workers has been inspiring all of Campus Target. We’ve been powerfully reminded that the Harvest is ripe, and the G0spel has the power to change lives – if only we will share it.

As I think about sharing the G0spel in this upcoming season, God has been reminding me that the Great C0mmission is not for missionaries – it’s for sons and daughters of Dad. I was called to share the Gospel when I was a college student, a barista, and a high school student – just as much as I am now.

Moreover, God can (and wants to) move through you to tell people of Him!