My mouth fell open as those words flashed on the screen at a missions conference where my coworkers and I and were volunteering:

“The church annually spends more on Halloween costumes for their pets than they do on missions to unreached people groups.”

While this doesn’t mean we spend more on Fluffy’s Frankenstein costume than we do on missions in general, it does mean that unreached people groups (those without a church body large enough to reach their own people with the Gospel) rank lower on our priority list than both 1) missions to places that already have the Gospel, and 2) making sure our pooches are Instagram-worthy.

That has been a difficult thing for me to swallow, especially when I realize that I am without a doubt part of the problem. If we spend more on Halloween costumes for our pets, how much more do you think we spend on coffee? (Yikes.) The Lord has really been using this thought to challenge me to stay close to the heart of the comission He has given us – to make disciples of all nations.

I’ve been trying to consider what needs to change in my life in order for this comission to always be at the forefront (yes, even above coffee…). And then, someone reminded me of this thought – “The only thing more effective than talking to lost people about God is talking to God about lost people.”

So if you’re like me, and aren’t necessarily in a position to increase your financial giving to unreached people groups right now, could you ask God to grow your heart for them by committing to pray for them daily? Since this conference, my roommate and I have started taking one minute (literally, just one minute) every day to pray for a different nation.

If you’re interested in getting involved with praying for those who have never had the chance to hear about Christ, check out Every day they post a nation to pray for, along with specific requests and challenges.

Other than that, the past month has been busy, but exciting! The other new long-term workers and I are in a season called “The Intensive” (and boy, does it live up to its name). We have spent the past several weeks taking classes that span topics such as emotional/spiritual health, worldwide perspectives on missions, cross-cultural communication of the Gospel, theological foundations, the history of CT, and spiritual gifts. We have also been preparing for and participating in several conferences and events where we get to share about CT and invite people to go to Asia with us.

If you think of it, would you pray for:

· God to work in the hearts of those who have attended/will attend these mission conferences and recruiting events; and especially for him to be forming our new team for next year.

· God to continue to burden this generation (including me!) for the lost who have never had the chance to hear about Christ.

· My teammates and I as we finish this busy season – that we would keep God first and finish strong.

· Our team in Asia, as well as some of their new friends who have decided to join the family!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!