Dear friends,

Sometimes the most fulfilling things for me are when my teammates
have cool things happen to them. Here are some of their stories…

About a week ago, we had some security concerns with one of our
teams. In response to those concerns, we emphasized again the need
to focus on relationships and seeing our friends as friends first.
Then last weekend Summer and Sonata had a Christmas party with
three girls whom they felt really connected to. The three friends
didn’t know each other, but everyone had a wonderful time, it all
flowed really smoothly, and one of them told Summer how important
their friendship is to her. Summer and Sonata were both wiped out
the next day when they were talking to me, but i could tell they
were super excited about how it went.

Aidan and Tank have a friend named Jason, a music student from the
north. They both consider him a good friend, and he has come to a
Bible study or two. Before Jason came to the first Bible Study, they
had no idea he was remotely interested in God. Even at the
Bible Study, he didn’t say much. Several days ago, while they were
hanging out, he mentioned that he thought that God had
brought them all together to lead him, and if what he wants (going
to a specific university in the US) doesn’t work out, that God
must have something else better for him. Wow!

Hey, my parents are coming to Asia next week! Yay! Keep them in
your thoughts! Blessings, too, as you enjoy this Christmas season.


** For encouragement for me and my team. We’re in a battle here (as
are you) and discouragement seems to be one of our biggest enemies.

** Friends to come to know the Savior who came to us.

** For grace for me to be a great manager.

Thanks for being in the fray with me!