Yesterday was a day off, so I decided to go to a beach about two hours away. I wanted some time to kick back, think, and spend with God.

I also was fasting for the day, and I had been drinking coffee regularly for a bit, so I knew a headache was likely. Not fun.

On the way, Clive contacted me and told me he’d like to come too. My cell battery was on the way to dead, so I arranged a place to meet him on the beach.

The beach was nice–sort of. It had some trash, and it was just a big river.  But it was water, and it had little waves that sound like water, and that’s what I thought I needed.

By the time I got there, the headache had started. I laid down and dosed off. Then I went to the meeting place and waited. And waited. Chatted with some guys for a while.

Clive finally came, and we sat down on the beach. About ten feet away a young lady sat down. I wondered to myself if we should talk to her about God. She looked thoughtful, like there was stuff churning inside. After 20 minutes or so, Clive told me he feels strongly that we should talk to the same girl, so I asked her if she speaks English. She did, amazingly well for only a high school education.

Before the end of the day, we shared the Gospel message with her and had dinner together (I had broken the fast), and given her a Bible. Turns out she had come to the beach because she “was in a bad mood” because she couldn’t find a job. As we shared with her, it was one of those times when you know they get it, and not because we said it well. Because of Him, His leading, His love.

Clive heard from her this morning that she believes and has talked to God many times. Woohoo!

You know, if I went on feelings alone, yesterday was sort of a bad day. Headaches can be tough, and I’m learning how off they make me feel. The truth is, however, yesterday was a great day. Praise Him! He’s the best!