This is a short story about my friend Victor.  The other day I had lunch with him and his roommate Jack.  We did the usual catching up that comes after a long vacation and it was a lot of fun.  I was curious to see what God had been doing in his life over the past month that I hadn’t seen him, so I asked, “Did you get to read the Bible at all while you were home?”  He said no, that he didn’t get the chance.  Apparently he had good things to say because all of his friends were super interested/excited and now want to go to church!  Also, the friends that he told go to a school here in G-town that some of our people are working on, so maybe we can connect them up.  It’s always exciting to see people hear about God for the first time and be so interested.  It’s also cool that Victor is not even a Christian, but is still sharing about God and what He is doing.

Tomorrow Victor, my friend Herbert and I are going to a church in the area.  They are both excited, and Herbert is planning on buying a Bible!  It cost about 50 yuan, which for them is a pretty substantial amount of money (less than $10 American).  Pray for us as we go on this adventure, that God would speak to each of them… they are so close!

With love,