I’m spending the night alone on the side of a mountain at a little bed and breakfast. I just hiked for a day in a foggy fairyland almost too beautiful to describe. I’m talking to the host after drying off and gettin’ some grub, and the host says to me, “It’s 2007 here in our country; is it 2007 in America too?” I replied, “Yes, it is.”

He and his wife asked me all kinds of questions that night and then indicated it’s time to hit the sack at 8:20pm. The next day I gave the hosts a copy of the NT and then hit the stone trail and the endless steps for another go of it. There was still fog everywhere, but the rain had stopped for now. I spent most of the day walking down the mountain, down to a nearby town, and picked up a taxi back to my team, who had gone back to the city from the mountain the day before. And then I had a shower.

And so the journey goes on, as Tom Dully likes to say on his late night talk show. We had a good trip scoping out a new city, and we connected well with our believing friends who moved there. Two of my teammates were sick, and we were all relieved to get back to our home city. Funny how a place can feel like home so fast, isn’t it?