Hey! Thanks for praying for our Easter activities. Friday evening
we only had two people come for the showing of the Passion movie,
and one slept through the whole thing. So my team was a bit
discouraged. They stuck it out, though, and Sunday they shared the
Good News in our home through a drama. 20 people (or so) saw it,
and afterward they asked questions for more than a half an hour. It
was great!

Today i got some rough news. A friend of mine who has struggled
with ups and downs in his walk with God called me to let me know
that he is giving up on Jesus for a while. He just cannot feel
Father’s love. He says that if Jesus loves him, then He will rescue
him and help him to change his mind. In some sense, i couldn’t
agree more. The sad thing is he is listening to lies about Father
and about himself.

Would you pray for him? His name is John. I’m tired this evening,
and i don’t have a lot of fight in me, but i’m ticked at the enemy,
too. So a tired and ticked knight just dials his update team, the
folks standing with him in the battle, and asks them to beseech the
King. If you feel led, fasting for him might be a good idea. Some
things only get beaten by fasting and prayer, Jesus once said. And
He knows!

In spite of the battles, there have been some really exciting
developments recently. My girlfriend and i randomly ran into a
really spiritually hungry girl last evening. Some of the friends of
the girls on my team have showed interest in God, one of them
who explicitly told them she DIDN’T want to hear about God some
months ago. Another friend of mine texted me today out of the blue
asking to learn more about God. So He’s doing stuff! And He
loves us so much…

In Him, who is in us,