Sometimes I sit down to write a blog and look at the screen, wondering what I should write about. This isn’t one of those times.

Last week Vash and I had two close friends over for a meeting to lead them in getting filled with the Spirit. These two guys have been our closest local friends, and we’ve seen them both take giant strides forward in their relationship with Father this year. They are also being raised up to lead the local fellowship that we cooperate with. My hope before the meeting was not only that they get filled, but that they have an experience that seals it in their minds. That’s exactly what happened.

Vash headed up the meeting and did a fantastic job. I felt my own faith being lifted as we covered the material in the lesson. When we bowed our heads together and asked for the Son to fill us, they began to speak in tongues. Afterwards we all discussed what they felt. One guy said he heard one voice saying what the prayer language wasn’t real, but another voice said, “I am doing this.” The other guy said that he had a vision of the Son standing in the middle of us, laying hands on each of us one by one. Then the Son was standing outside our circle watching us as we prayed in tongues. It was really amazing. It was cool that the one guy’s vision also helped to build the other guy’s faith, because the Son laid hands on EACH of us. Needless to say, it was a powerful night.

Then there was last night. I don’t know what happened, except that God did something. It was my turn to speak at the fellowship (my third time this year). Even though I was poorly prepared to do it, I felt like God wanted me to use the local language to speak, instead of using an interpreter. So I did. The topic was that God is Light. As I began to describe what Light represents, I began to well up with tears. Before long I was so choked up that I couldn’t speak. The guy who was going to interpret for me finished my first point for me. The rest of the talk was more of the same–I choked out words than had to stop, again and again. I think some of the new people were weirded out, but could tell that many people were moved by the the Lord.

Sometimes it’s a wild ride. Bring it!