As Ellei and I talked about our teammates, a few tears escaped and rolled down my cheeks. Lately I find myself really grateful to God for putting the four of us girls together on a team. From the first time we met each other at training camp until now, I can see His plan! With four girls living in one apartment, we have had plenty of time to get to know each other – to see each other's strengths and foibles. We have laughed together and been annoyed with each other. It provided the perfect situation for us to be like iron sharpening iron – day after day God has used us in each other's lives to smooth down our rough edges. Throughout this year, we have all grown tremendously.

I can look at each of my girls and feel joy to see the growth that has happened! I dropped seeds in Pinky's heart about returning to Asia next year, and within months she chose to lay aside other dreams and decided to give at least 2 more years to this mission! I taught Ellei how to share the Gospel more effectively, and then saw her filled with boldness and share with 7 friends in one week! I gave Pinky more responsibility and watched her grow more confident in leading people. I've prayed with Blondie and watched the tears well up in her eyes. I've confronted Pinky and watched her choose to make changes in her lifestyle. I gave Blondie advice and heard it repeated later when she was talking to Pinky (she really was listening to me!). I put Ellei in charge of leading a Bible study and watched her teaching gift unleashed! I taught Pinky how to prepare a sermon, and watched her preach in front of 15 Asian students! Throughout the year, I've had the privilege of encouraging them, drawing out their potential, and seeing them grow!

I am so humbled and moved to think of the incredible opportunity I've had this year. Sure, my team has impacted dozens of students at two campuses of a top ten university, but right now it feels just as meaningful to think of the impact on the three girls on my team. They will continue on the path God has for them in life, and I know they will be forever gripped by the mission of reaching the lost. They have matured as young women who are laying down everything to follow God. They signed up for a year to change a nation. But I have to say that in less than one year, each of them has truly been changed!