“I thought you would say that.”

Four months ago Vash and I had met for dinner with Gav, and in the course of the conversation we had mentioned our faith in God. You just read his response above. At the time, I felt like he was saying something like, “Oh, I’ve got you guys figured out.” I thought he wasn’t very interested. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Since that time, he made it to a couple of our guys’ nights. Then Skittles talked to him the night of the big Christmas party and felt like he was really interested in knowing the Son. So this past week we called him to ask if he would like to come to our “Book Club.” He said that he unfortunately already had plans with some friends and wouldn’t be able to make it.

A half an hour later Gav called back to tell us that he had canceled his plans and would be coming. When Vash heard, he said, “He’s going to join the family tonight.” Thus the stage was set.

As Chris was sharing (for the first time by himself) and gave an invitation to know the Son, I could see Gav was very thoughtful. After the meaning I called him over to chat. As we talked, he told me that he wanted to join the family but felt like he didn’t have the power to change his life. I was thrilled. That’s the only obstacle? I simply told him that he didn’t need to have the power to change his life, that God would give him the power he needed. I explained that he only needed to be willing, to open his heart to the Son and take a step in the right direction.

After Vash and I prayed with him to join the family, Gav told us that he had wanted to be a family member ever since we met him at the English corner four months ago. For four months! Crazy…. And to think that all this time there really was only one obstacle–he just thought that he needed to muster up the ability to change his life and felt he couldn’t do it.

It was such a privilege to speak to him and remove that obstacle. It was thrilling, too. The whole thing reminds me of what Jesus Christ said: “The truth shall set you free.” Free to go in the right direction.