“My mother has…cancer.” My breath caught in my throat when I heard Connie's words.

“I don't know where to turn. I don't know what to do…” I could barely hear Connie's faint voice on the other end of the phone. I had never heard her sounding so discouraged in the two weeks since she'd become a Christian.

“No, Buttercup, please don't visit. I just want to be alone.” I couldn't tell if Connie was still crying. But I knew one thing: I could not leave her alone. Connie had battled depression and suicidal thoughts just months before. Now she was part of God's family, and I wasn't about to leave my new sister alone!

Ellei joined me to bike over to Connie's campus. We stood at the foot of her dormitory building and called. When Connie heard we were right downstairs, she agreed to come down for a quick hug.

She practically fell into my outstretched arms and I thought she'd start crying all over again. But she sank down onto the bench on the porch of her dorm building. We sat down on either side of her and listened as she started to unload all her worries and questions. Connie looked so overwhelmed, as if she'd been given a burden much too large for her to carry.

The guard that sits on the porch of the girls' dormitory observed us suspiciously for a few minutes, then mysteriously got up and left. For nearly an hour we talked with Connie, encouraging her and praying for her right there in public. Only as we were about to leave did the guard return to man her station. I breathed a sigh of relief at how God had blinded her eyes to what we were doing.

We reminded Connie that she is not going through this alone. We told her how she could let God carry her burdens. All her life, she has looked inside herself for the strength to get through any problem. But Connie was finally ready for someone else to help her. As we prayed, it was like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. By the end of our time together, she was smiling again. A new hope entered her countenance. With God on her side now, she realized she has nothing to fear. And she's got hope worth bringing to her

Connie will spend the rest of the term at home, taking care of her mother as she goes through chemotherapy. We are believing for her mother's complete healing and salvation for both of Connie's parents. Pray that Connie’s faith will grow stronger and her personal relationship with God deepen while she’s at home.