On April 25th we hosted an annual ritual we’ve named Commissioning Service, the night where we close up the 10-month internship and send people off to their next assignment, which for the majority of them is Asia. The whole goal of the internship is to prepare our members for long-term service, to help them get funded, get skills they need, and be internally strong to thrive long-term on the field. These folks have all served for 9 months in Asia, decided to become a long-termer, and made it through our internship. They are worthy of honor—in today’s world it’s a big deal for young people to commit to anything for multiple years and then follow through.

During the Commissioning Service, each of the seven shared for two minutes about what God had done in their lives over the last 10 months, and a theme that stood out was trusting God through the challenges they faced. Praise God for His goodness!

Different folks had different next assignments. One girl was taking a plane to Asia the next day. One girl was joining our Stateside team long-term. Others were continuing to raise support before they head to Asia.

And speaking of heading to Asia, Melody and I are going to Asia in late June for two weeks to celebrate CT’s 10-year anniversary with our whole team. It’s going to be a blast!

Thanks for praying for us! We need you with us!