I have been back a little over a month now and so much has happened! My first few days back, I got a text that said, “Can we come over? We need to use your pool to baptize someone.” The next week I also baptized one of the bboys (breakdancers). It feels good to jump back into my life here. God has also connected me with a lot of new networks of ministries and few new dance studios. I had a cool God moment I want to share with you. I went to breakdance practice and there were around 30 bboys (breakdancers) there. When you dance a lot you get thirsty, so I brought a big bottle of water so I was prepared. As I would go to take a sip a bboy would ask could if he could have some. Then another and another. I realized most of them didn’t bring water but had soda or nothing. I ended up giving the whole bottle up as they passed it around to the final guy drinking the last few drops. As I left to go home God said, “They are thirsty, and you have what they need. You have the living water and you must share it with them.”