It was a strange question. I believe in dentists, I think. I mean, I’ve gone to the dentist. What was my friend asking exactly? After a bit of awkward probing, I found out what he really meant. He wanted to know if I believe in DESTINY! After I explained what he had said, we both had a good laugh. My friend likes to laugh; you should see his smile. It’s as wide as an eagle’s outstretched wings.

We were on a bus on the way towards home from a high mountain range. My head was slowly recovering from altitude sickness (symptom: headache) and my friend was slowly recovering from stomach discomfort (cause: didn’t eat lunch), and we were talking about my favorite topic–the good Book and belief. And he was sharing from his heart. “I want to believe, but you told me I can’t believe in Buddha too.” It was a good heart-to-heart discussion set up by God above.

One week later I saw him off to the airport–he was flying back to the province where I had met him three years ago. This time he had a Bible and some CD’s in his bag. Would you join me in asking the author of destiny to get a hold of him? His nickname is Eagle.