Our bicycles maneuvered around uneven patches in the gravel as we made our way down the dimly-lit alley toward my apartment. Nonchalantly waving to our apartment guard, we continued through the gate into our complex. It felt a little sneaky, but I was excited at the night's plans. Angela and Ivy were following us home after dinner to spend a couple hours studying our favorite Book!

It's all brand-new for Angela, so we spent time giving her an overview of this Bestseller. As the night progressed the conversations branched off and before long Ellei and I were doing some one-on-one teaching with the girls. From one side of the couch, Ellei spent time showing Angela how to look up special passages, and teaching her some background info on the Book we were going to start reading together.

At our end of the living room, Ivy and I started talking about the reading we had done that week. She had picked her favorite verse to memorize, and it was about love and forgiveness. Ivy had also just heard a teaching about love at the Sunday party, so the theme was fresh on her heart. Just as children imitate their parents, I can already see Ivy imitating her Father's love! We talked about how love sets us apart and shows the world who our Father is.

Ivy joined the family 6 months ago at a Girls Night in my apartment. Since then, she has been involved at the Sunday party, even bringing her friends along. Just weeks after she joined the family, her friends were already commenting that they could see a dramatic difference in Ivy! She transformed from being depressed and unhappy to smiling and loving.

I see her as a key leader to reach her campus. That night at our “Book Club” I had the opportunity to tell her what an important influence I think she can have on her roommates, her friends, and her whole campus! She was excited at the thought of spreading Her Father's love! I sent her back to her dorm that night with a challenge: to make a list of three friends she wants to see join the family this year. Next week she'll bring me their names, and together we will pray for them daily.

One of my goals this year is to prepare some key girls to be leaders. With several girls already joining the family, I found myself wishing there were more mature family members who could help teach the new believers. Then it hit me — I need to help make that happen! By taking time to train upcoming leaders now, I am investing into the multiple lives they will reach in the future!