“I can do this if you help me.” These were the words of Char, who is now called Abe, who you might remember from my last update. Two days earlier, he and Kel suddenly, after one fellowship meeting, had wanted to quit. I had sent out a cry for help to you all and others, and now his attitude had done a 180.

Here’s the story: after that tough meeting that evening, when all seemed lost, I really didn’t know whether to go through with the next fellowship meeting, which was only two days away. I didn’t know whether it would help or hurt or what. Maybe we should give it a rest for a week? In the end I decided to do it and see what happens. Only Abe could come. From our team, Lily, Eagle, and I went.

The weather was good, so the four of us gathered on the hill in the park next to his school. We sat cross-legged on the grass and began. Eagle led the meeting, Lily led the songs, I led communion and the discussion on the Word. The atmosphere was perfect, simple, and precious. During the song portion, I felt the presence of Father and my Spirit lifted. It was such a gift from above!

Well, to make a long story short, Kel heard from Abe that it went great, and the next day she had time to chat with Lily, and her attitude was also different. Since then the group has met two more times, so tomorrow that ship will meet for the fifth time. More people are coming, though only a few consistently. It’s still a baby, but it’s happening! Thank you so much for crying out to Father about this!

In the meantime we’ve been working to start another Fellowship, and in a couple of hours I will attend the second weekly meeting. May His presence fill us as we remember His suffering and victory over death.

Another story is about Jun, who you may remember from my emails last year. Oh, what a year can bring! I don’t have space for the whole thing, but after he fell away and would not communicate with us or any believers for a long time, three of us from last year’s team have had the chance to talk with him in the last month or so. The battle is raging, but it seems like Father is making it clear that He is going to extra lengths to show Himself to Jun. Lift him up, that he might see clearly and come home.

Well, the Son reveals Himself in the Word as one called Faithful and True. As St. Paul says, that is a trustworthy saying. May His victory be known to you during this season!