I am sure that the immigrants to America back in the day had a rough trip overseas. But I think that I can somewhat relate to their plight. My journey started out several days before as I tried to jam all of my clothes and souvenirs into my luggage. After a first failed attempt I managed to pound the suitcase closed.

I had a lovely afternoon flight scheduled. So I traveled to the airport said goodbye to C-town and boarded the plane to Hong Kong where I met up with Jay-Z, Sonny and Cher. That flight wasn’t to bad but I had a wonderful (note the sarcasm) 15 hour lay over. Do you know that they do construction at airports late at night? Well that is what I found out. I was laying on the floor freezing listening to the sound of sawing. They were beautiful accommodations :(. At 7:30 am Jay-Z and I said goodbye to Sonny and Cher and boarded our flight to America! 14 hours later, after a flight of not being able to sit together, we landed in JFK.

I don’t know how to describe my emotions at being home. I guess overwhelmed and unreal would be a good way to describe them. I was so glad to see my family and friends. It is still crazy to think that I am here in America and not on Asian soil. I feel a Asian withdraw. I miss speaking the local language and meeting my friends. It is a bittersweet time. However it wasn’t as sad of a goodbye as I thought because I knew that I would be seeing my friends next year when I go back to Asia.

“Going back”, you say. Yes! I am going back! In my wildest dreams I never would have thought that I would be living in Asia. It is amazing how God can make a country become a part of your heart. Asia is like my second home. I wasn’t sure going into my time with Campus Target if I would catch a heart for Asia. I guess you could say instead of catching a heart for Asia a caught a heart for reaching the lost. A heart for helping others find peace, for helping others find the one who can take away their hurts, who can give them eternal life. And in the process God made me feel at home in Asia.

After Jay-Z and I get married we plan on living in upstate New York to take some time to adjust to married life, help out stateside with CT, and connect with our supporters. Then we will head back to Asia in February. We feel that God has called us for a season in our lives to minister with Campus Target in Asia. We are excited to be used by God to help spread the gospel to college students in Asia. I just wanted to send you all a quick note informing you of our future plans. I will update you more specifics in the future. Right now I am in full wedding planning mode as well as in preparing to go back to Asia mode for the next year. Thank you all for your support and prayers. I can’t believe I am back in America! Bring on the doughnuts and coffee! Praise Him!