In August, we hosted Training Camp here in Lima to send 12 awesome people to Asia, most of them for the first time! They are serving for one adventure-packed, God-infused semester.

The team was unusually unified and eager to jump into whatever God had for them. Rozanne and I had the honor of being Training Camp team leaders for 5 of them, and during our team devotions, they opened up their hearts to each other and shared stories of God bringing them through difficult seasons. During a time of prayer, they cried out to God for Him to help them love each other and stay unified during their trip. It was an easy group to lead!!

They took off for Asia on August 22nd, and since then, we’ve heard reports of more than 11 Asian students opening their hearts to Jesus through their sharing. And speaking of sharing Jesus, that’s the focus for us as an organization this semester. All of us are asking God to stretch us to share the Good News in our own context. Rozanne and I are excited to give it a go, but we’re a bit nervous, too (at least I am)! So pray for us that God would give us HIS heart for the people around us who don’t know Jesus as their loving king yet!