Yesterday morning I was having a small group with a few of my friends. We decided to meet on campus, and as we were eating some fruit and talking, a girl came boldly up to us and started asking us questions about where we’re from. When she found out that we were Americans, she became very interested and said she would like to hang out sometime. Today, I followed up with her! Her name is Cici.

Cici, like so many of my Asian friends, is so enthralled by anything Western. So talking to her was a lot of fun, and we shared about our different cultures and families. When I asked her if her family had any beliefs, she said that both her mother and grandmother were Christians, but that on her dad’s side of the family, they believe in something else. She said, “It doesn’t really matter what you believe, as long as you are a good person.” I answered that I believe in only One God, and He has radically changed my whole life. I ended up sharing the Gospel with her, right there, about how we all have sin and how Jesus can take it away. I specifically shared about how He has taken my sin away and the difference it has made in my own life.

I told her that the punishment we deserve for sin is death, but that Jesus took that punishment by dying for us. When I said this, it looked like time stood still for her. She blinked, and looked at me and said, “So… Jesus has replaced this punishment? So we can switch places with Him?” Excited, I said, YES! She kept nodding as I shared, saying, “Yes, I believe this is true.”

Unfortunately, my story took a little turn. We were sitting in the cafeteria, and right as I was about to ask her if she wanted to have a relationship with Dad, the cooks kicked us out! We were the last ones there, and they had to clean up. We got up, and Cici realized the time and that she had to get to class. I walked a short distance with her and then hugged her goodbye, with plans to get together again soon. Honestly, this is just reality. I am sure if you are reading these stories they often sound like everyone responds with a “YES!” to God and that there are never interruptions or bumps in the road. But even in the middle of an amazing appointment with Cici, life still goes on. There weren’t goosebumps, and I didn’t feel like I was on some sp1ritual high.

But you wanna know what? Dad really does not need a special, goosebumpy moment to move on a heart. I am believing with all my heart for Cici. I am believing that she will hold on to these words that were spoken today. I can see that they deeply impacted her and that she saw the genuine love and care I had for her.

In the hustle and bustle of day to day stuff, Jesus loves to save souls! I believe that she will be coming into the family soon!