These last weeks have been killer busy, and I think I’ve slipped into survival mode a bit. I haven’t connected with my family or with my support team. The problem with this is in reality those things are a part of my survival.

These last two weeks have been a time of incredible harvest. Among the six of us here in this corner of the city, we’ve seen 15 people join the family. God is good, and it’s so much fun to be a part of the growth of His Kingdom here in Asia! On the other hand, these past couple of weeks have been difficult for me personally.

Many of you know I had a horrible summer this year. I was really beat up by doubts about my faith and feeling disconnected from others around me. Recently I’ve been battling some of those same things. Then this past week I had an experience in which a stranger did something blatantly inappropriate to me. So, in my understanding of things, this indicates a rather focused spiritual attack against me, and I would like you all to join with me and ask that the Father of Lights would open heaven over my mind and heart to know Him more and protect me from the attacks of the enemy. (My team as a whole has battled annoying sickness and other emotional stuff as well.)

The great news is I know that the Son is holding me and sustaining me and my team. None of these struggles have stopped the train; in fact they are building my resolve. He is with us!

Next week I will write a longer email describing what this season was like for us to let you in on the joy. It’s been so much fun watching Father work! Ah, the Light did come into the world and is still coming!

Thanks for being with us! I appreciate it so much. Oh, and Merry Christmas!!