I was sitting down and this guy came up and said “Can I sit down?” I said “Sure, what is your name.” He told me his name was Heinrich and that he was a civil engineering major.
Then he was telling us all of what he knows about American culture and started asking us about dad. We where trying to hear him over all the background noises of the English corner, which was having a special party that night.

A few weeks later me and Jayzer got to meet up with him again this time just us and him over lunch. We had a great conversation about the Lord and he had a lot of questions about forgiveness and we talked about God’s love. He knew a lot about the Lord and Christian faith. It was really cool to meet this guy who knew a lot already and spoke great English.

We invited him to come to our big Christmas party and he said that he would try but that he was very busy with studying for his tests these few weeks. Anyways he did come along with about 55 of our team’s friends! The party was great and I got to talk to him briefly afterwards and I asked him what he thought of it. He said that it was great and that he wanted us to share more about who God and Jesus are when we meet next. I was so excited for that and can’t wait to meet with him again.

In other news the Christmas season is just about over, it has been really good time to talk to friends but it has also been really busy. We had a bunch of parties and meetings with our friends. Our main one was just a few days ago, it was the one with 55 people at it. We had 4 girls come in to the family at it! That was awesome, also several of my guy friends told me afterwards that they where really interested in talking more about what was shared. I am really excited to talk to all of them in the next few weeks.