I met Vash in April at the first training. I thought to myself, “I hope HE’S not my roommate!” I thought he talked too fast and was a freak because he slept uncovered on the floor when perfectly fine beds were available. A little over a week ago, I showed up with 30 other people for training, where we would find out who would be our partner in crime, serving night and day together for the next 9 months in a foreign land, with no where to go and no escape. Guess who?

Several days later, we were instructed to discuss with our roommates possible issues that may arise based on our personalities and preferences. As we talked, I learned that Vash had thought precisely the same thing about ME! “I hope HE’S not my roommate!” Apparently I had corrected his English the second day I had known him! By the time we shared this hilarious irony, we had come to love each other and be excited about our differences, so we had a good laugh. I love it!

Today, Vash and I listened to Dad on each other’s behalf and shared a precious time together imparting faith and encouragement. There is no doubt in my mind that Dad has put us together for such a time as this.