All six of us wore brightly colored t-shirts that said, “I’m his Favorite Leader.”

It was a confusingly comical sight for the new CT workers to see as they arrived for training last week. Who really is the favorite leader? We greeted everyone and got them moved into their rooms where they would be staying for the next two weeks.

Every day has been packed full of necessary training on topics, such as evangelism, discipleship, team unity, and Asian culture/language. We’ve practiced everything from how to make a phone call to a new friend to sharing the Gospel message simply.

If YOU had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a friend or co-worker, would you know how to explain it?

Next Monday the 30 dynamic individuals who comprise CT’s present team will head out to begin an incredible task, making disciples in this country. Enthusiasm is building!

Thank you all for standing with me, supporting me, praying for me, encouraging me as I spend another year to reach the people in Asia!

Oh, and I know I really am his FAVORITE team leader.