Last night I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life.” What a great movie! It’s a story about a discouraged man who gets the blessing of seeing what the world would be like if he hadn’t lived to make an impact on it.

It’s made me think of what it would have been like if the Son hadn’t come in the flesh to make His cosmos-rattling impact on the world. One of the blessings of what I get to do is seeing Father working in so many friends right before my eyes. This holiday season hasn’t been all peaches and cream, but He has been present. Let me tell you about it!

Lily and Sonata had a Christmas party and eight girls invited the Son in!
A girl they hardly knew asked Eagle and Sydney to teach her and her friends about the Son. They came over one night and five girls took the leap!

A guy named Jim ran into one of our friends on the way to a party who invited him (a stranger) to come along. As soon as he found out that Sydney was a believer, he said he wanted to be one, too! He joined the family a couple of days later!

Sean (yes, the one I wrote about a little while ago) joined the family Christmas Eve! If that’s all that happened this month, it all would have been worth it. I mean that.

On New Year’s Eve, we got many of our new brothers and sisters together to meet each other, hear some teaching on water baptizing and being filled with the Holy Spirit, hear about the plan to start a new party after the Spring Festival, and then celebrate the New Year in. It’ll be a night to remember!

During several events throughout the season, we were able to hold them jointly with a local fellowship. Yeah!

Since these times, we’ve learned that some of the folks who accepted the invitation aren’t fully in yet. Some are facing serious conflicts with other loyalties; some just didn’t understand. The Son told us that there would be different kinds of soil that the Word falls on; He told us what to expect. While this is disappointing, I look back and rejoice in what He has done. He has been with us!

He has come in the flesh. He has borne our transgressions. He has risen.

It’s a wonderful life!