I love birthdays. There is something so special about celebrating the life of one of God’s creation. I also especially love my birthday because of the wonderful cake and ice-cream and, let’s be honest, presents!!! However I have never realized how special birthdays were until this past Saturday.

We found out the our friend Qiu’s birthday was coming up on Sunday. We were having a girls night that Saturday and we knew that she was going to be there so we got her a cake and some presents. We were soo excited to give it to her.

We went about our night playing hide and go seek in the dark in our apartment. Which is amazingly fun! All of the girls had a great time reliving their childhood. After that we sort of did a time capsule thing. Everyone wrote a letter to themselves. We wrote about who we are now and who we want to be in the future. Then we read them all out loud and put them in a box to be read in the future.

It was eye opening to hear about their fears, concerns, and dreams. Qiu, especially was struggling with feelings of loneliness and failure with her inability to find a good job. We could tell that Qiu had been feeling down for awhile but we weren’t quite sure why but now we knew.

After the letters were put away we said that we had one more thing to do. Vivien and I went into the kitchen to get the cake and Qiu’s presents. We lit one little tea-light candle (because we did not have any cake candles) and came out singing happy birthday. It was so incredible. Qiu started crying. She was soo moved. It was the first time that any of her friends had celebrated her birthday. She was overcome with emotion. We all started to tear up too and we just told Qiu again how much we love her and how much God loves her. It was one of the most moving birthdays I have ever experienced. It was soo simple but it made a big impact.

After that the Lord totally moved in our meeting. We naturally broke up into little groups and were just telling the girls about God and counseling them about things going on in their lives. Qiu opened up about how she was feeling so lonely. Autumn was able to pour into her about God’s love. God is slowly chipping away at all of Qiu’s barriers and walls that she has put up. It is fascinating to see Jesus changing lives. Everyone has needs in their lives and loneliness that only God can fill. Even if at first they seem like they have it all together the longer you get to know someone the more you will see their emptiness and longing for something more.

Please continue to ask the Lord that He would turn Qiu’s heart toward Him. That Qiu would believe that there is a God and that He does love her.

Also God is soo faithful. We just found out that Qiu received a great job offer and it was one that we talked to Him about with Qiu. God is moving!

Thank you all so much for your talks to our Father. You are all apart of what God is doing over here and I couldn’t do it with out you.

P.S. I’m Engaged! I will have to send out the story later!! I can’t believe it. I feel so mature! ha ha.