Last time i wrote about my friend John who has decided to give up
on Jesus for a while. He called me two days later and we talked
again. While he hadn’t changed his mind, it was a bit more
positive, and i understood that he’s hurting and hoping that God
will rescue him. Keep Him in your thoughts. I know that God will be
faithful to complete what He’s started.

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and i were on a date. We saw some
flying lanterns being set off into the sky near a lake, so we went
to check it out. It was a group of students from the same province
as the recent earthquake gathering to mourn and bless the people of
the affected area. She and i both signed a banner, and i wrote,
“Jesus loves you.”

As we were preparing to leave, a girl approached us and told us she
thought that i shouldn’t have written that to people in a disaster,
because it doesn’t seem like God loves them if this happened to
them. She was bold, and maybe a tad abrasive, but before long we
realized she was truly seeking God, even as she was trying
to understand the calamity in the world.

The next week, she came to our fellowship, along with a friend.
Another friend of ours, also not a believer, came. I choose to
discuss a portion of the Bible that explained the Good News clearly,
and before long a lively discussion ensued. The cool part was that
i couldn’t keep up with the language, and our believing friends
were the ones who carried the discussion. It’s happening!

Keep talking to the Father! He hears our cries!


P.S. I’m going to send out an email to y’all about my plans for the
summer and next fall. Stay tuned!