We were supposed to go to KTV for a karaoke night with our friends.  I arranged the entire event and made the reservations a week in advance.  So on Saturday night, we all arrived to KTV.  I went up first to pay for our room and get everything ready.  While I was talking to the woman at the receptionist table, she made it clear that I did not have a reservation and that there were no rooms available.  From there, my roommate called the phone number to see what the problem was.  As it turns out, the reservations were for another place on the other side of town…I took everyone to the wrong place. I was irritated. I felt like I let everyone down. 

So instead of doing karaoke, we decided that we would take a walk and try to find something to do. Finally, we found a business that had some sort of art displays.  As we walked through the building, we made our way to the top floor.  From there, we went to the outside patio on top of the roof.  It was completely beautiful!  The weather was fabulous and there was musical instruments playing in the background.  Six of us sat around table, laughing, joking around, and having a good time.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in G-town, and I was surrounded by some of my closest friends.  It was absolutely incredible.

As we were about to leave, Catherine suggested that we should end the night with prayer.  As we began, God’s presence was most definitely felt in that place.  Both Catherine and Rouyan (Asian Christians) prayed straight from their hearts.  They were asking God for wisdom and direction for the fellowship, growth in their own walks with Him, and so much more.

For those of us who have been working closely alongside these girls for the past year, it’s beyond amazing to see how God has transformed their lives.  Their hearts are ignited.  They are on fire for Him and His eternal purposes.  These girls are going to change the world! I have no doubts!

So as we left and walked toward the subway, I was once again reminded about how God’s plan is so much bigger and better than anything I could ever hope for, expect, or imagine.  If we had been at karaoke, we would have missed out on a night that I never want to forget.  I’m in awe of the beauty of God and the mysterious ways that He works to minister to our hearts.

In two and a half weeks, I will be saying goodbye to all the friends that I have made in the past year.  While I will be returning to Asia in the fall, I will be relocating to a different city.  It’s hard for me to prepare to say goodbye knowing that there is a good chance that I may never see many of these friends again. However, I have confidence in God and His promises! He has started an awesome work in each of my friends and I can’t wait to see how their lives continue to transform for Him!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers in the weeks to come.  We have some great events planned and we are expectant to finish the year strong.  His work isn’t done in this place!