The other day the four of us where sitting in a planning meeting talking about…plans. On everyone’s mind is the fact that we have less than two months here before we fly home for the summer. Dove, the experienced voice in our group, said that it will take three weeks to say goodbye to our friends here. Suddenly the reality of it hit me hard. Time is so short. Time HERE is so short.

Speaking of time, it’s high time I let you all know what’s happening for me this summer and beyond. I’ll be home around the beginning of June, and then the summer will consist of lots of family and friend time, connecting with many of you, speaking at “parties”, and sharing the vision of what we are doing as much as possible. Among all these things, I’m really looking forward to my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Not to mention, our fearless leader is getting married in early July. So it looks like it will be a packed and exciting summer.

I found out recently that I will have another task this summer– learning the basics of a new language. That’s because this fall I will be entrusted with helping to pioneer a new work in a new city, where the language on the street will sound foreign to my ears! I’m ecstatic! I’ve been hoping to go to this city to be a part of a pioneering team, and I’m actually thrilled to learn a new dialect. (We will be going to visit the new city in a couple weeks.)

So that’s a short look at the future, Lord willing. And I believe He is–it’s all for Him anyway. It’s all in His hands.