I remember when Ivy joined the family. It was at a Girls Night in my apartment almost exactly one year ago. During my time here, she was the first student from her campus to accept Jesus, and I had high hopes of her being a future leader to help start a new group. Ivy wanted to help me, but she was so busy with other commitments – schoolwork, teaching, her involvement with her family party – that she could never fully commit.

When she and her friends arrived at my apartment to hang out on Friday night, I was surprised when Ivy pulled me aside. “I want to start a group. Can we start meeting every Friday for a Girls Night?”

I couldn't believe my ears! She is catching a burden for her friends and classmates. We talked about all the new sisters at her campus, and the friends we are still praying will join the family. One of the top 5 friends she has been praying for just joined the family two weeks ago, so Ivy is full of faith for more of her friends to accept Jesus!!

Ivy brought up a problem – that students sometimes accept Jesus because of a foreign friend, but stop attending the family party after the foreigner leaves. She said, “It isn't right! Asian people need to be telling their friends about Jesus, and we should be connecting with the new family members so that they will have lasting connections after the foreigners leave.” I couldn't agree with her more! So I was excited to let her take leadership of this new group, and let the girls make it their own.

Her friends were thrilled to start up a Girls Night again. I assigned tasks: “Jessie, will you lead a game next week? Ivy will lead songs; Stella can help Ivy choose the topic we'll discuss; Ellei can bring snacks. Bring any friends you want!” The girls giggled at the responsibility of their assignments, and left that night excited for the week to come. I enjoyed the delegation I'd just done…after all, I want this to be their group, not mine! I am the foreign friend who will soon leave, but they will be the ones who will carry on! And I am glad to be leaving them in good hands!