There were six of us competing against other teams to create the best game involving various props. We had only a few minutes to do it. Our team’s props were a hammock made of tent-like material, a plastic spoon, and two four-foot-long straps.  One team member suggested an idea that the rest of us helped to flesh out. The final product was to use the two straps as two boundary lines facing each other, put the spoon hidden under the hammock, and have two people standing on opposite sides compete to grab the spoon and see who can take it back to their side first. We went with it! And we won! All the teams ended up playing our game against each other!

So what was this? This was an activity during our MiniCamp that took place in early April. MiniCamp is where new recruits get their first taste of Campus Target. We talk to them about our core values, get to know them, and then send them out to raise support to leave for Asia in August (staying nine months). And why do silly games? It’s fun, helps people to bond, and gives us a chance to see how our recruits interact in a team activity. We learn a lot about them quickly!

When we commissioned the recruits to go out and raise support this summer, we also commissioned four interns to leave for long-term work in Asia. You pour into them and let them go! They have to learn to fly. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s a microcosm of being a parent?

Please pray for me that I might be full of the Holy Spirit to accomplish what He wants. Pray for joy, for focus, for heart, and for grace.

Thanks for standing with me! You are a part of it through prayer!