As I write this, I am watching a short little fix-it man scoot my refrigerator into the middle of the room so he can climb on top to fix the light. Even on his ladder, he was still too short to reach the ceiling, so he resorted to the next best thing, which apparently was our fridge. It is wobbly and he is short. I really hope he doesn’t fall from the top of it! Update: He has just unearthed a very dead, very large lizard from the light fixture. Looks like someone was chewing on the wires and paid the ultimate price!

I have a big piece of news! In about two weeks, I am going to be moving to K-Town. As I transition out of language study in the next semester, I will be trained in the different aspects of leadership by the leaders there. Several years ago, we had workers there, but the soil was very hard and we saw little fruit. But this year, God has begun to do amazing things in K-Town. In the first two months that our workers were there, they saw more people join the family than in all the past two years put together! The Spirit of God is working there in unbelievable ways! They simply don’t have enough workers to handle the inflow, so some of my teammates and I are moving over to help them.

The move seemed really far in the future until now, since I need to start packing! It is a rather overwhelming prospect trying to move an entire life from one city to another city over a 25-hour train ride. But, I am very excited to have new experiences and see new places. K-Town will be totally different than G-Town. It will be an adventure!