Right now I’m sitting in a packed, smoky internet cafe scratching my head. It’s not that I’m confused, it’s that it itches. I haven’t had a shower in at least five days.

Scratching my head reminds me of yesterday, when I was walking along the beach, braving the cold wind, exploring a deserted seaside army fort, then being awed by a wave-worn wonderland of funny-shaped rocks, and I thought to myself, “How can you ever describe to the folks back home what you’ve been through the last couple of weeks?” It’s a head-scratcher indeed.

Let’s see. More than two weeks ago I left my cold home in Asia for another country, beat up and tired inside, needing more of a miracle than a vacation. The retreat was a warm paradise of shorts, sandals, and satisfying fellowship (shameless alliteration, I know). There our gracious Father met me where I needed Him, and 10 days later I came back to my home in cold Asia a refreshed man. Then I spent two-plus days trying to buy Vash a train ticket. In total I spent more than 10 hours at the train station, where I learned that it’s common during the Lunar New Year for people to wait all night for tickets and walk away with nothing but blood-shot eyes and heavy feet.

Then I boarded a 43-hour train for a coastal area. I was lucky to be in a sleeper car, so I slept a ton and talked to passenger about the Son and gave him a good news DVD. Two days and nights later I arrived in the capital city of this province, only to board a two- hour bus to a nearby island. 45 minutes later I found myself standing in the middle of a hole-in-the-road town, scratching my head. I had just gotten off the bus in protest to what the bus personnel had done, and I had no idea how long I would have to wait for the next bus…

Two bus rides later I arrived at Charlie’s home, an hour late (not too bad, considering). I’ve come here to spend some time with him during his vacation; I’m hoping he will be a key “student” of mine next semester. It’s been an honor to be a guest in his humble home.

Well, there’s a lot more traveling to do in the next weeks. I imagine before it’s over I’ll find myself again as I am now– looking at what’s happened and scratching my head.