The time has been flying over here. I just looked to see when the last time i sent one of these out was and i was thinking two or three weeks. Turns out it was longer than that. The weeks have been flying by since the new year.

In January it was really a focus to go from being more of shotgun into a sharpshooter. Shootguns spread bullets all over the place while a rifle justs hits one spot. Thats what the rest of my time here is going to be about. using my time most effectively on only a few people instead of anyone that i can find. Think about it… what will make more of a difference a bunch more people that can barely find their way around the Book or 4 people who have a solid foundation and are on the fast track to being leaders to help the others around them keep growing. You might think why not put this kind of focus into everyone. Well a few reasons are that there is no time put this much energy in so many people, sometimes people lack a deep hunger to do this and the people each of us are targeting are people we know will make a huge difference for the rest of there lives. And as everyone starts 4 of these relationships we are going to have hopefully close to 120 of these types of relationships to pour all of our energy into the last few months we are here.

The rest of January was weird because our friends were leaving little by little. Because they would leave after their finals were over I had some friends leave the first week and even more leave in the next few days after that and then the rest left by about the 17th or the 18th. And because of all the studying and work they had to do it was a very difficult time to consistently spend time with people. It should be back to normal in a week and a half or so when everyone gets back and start there semester. It will be back to being able to spend lots of time with people without them always being so stressed about school.