Going to a four-hour prayer meeting seems a bit daunting for anyone, unless you’re one of those people who just adores prayer and seems to love everything about life. I’m not. But the truth is, since I’ve been here, I’ve come to realize the absolute necessity of prayer. I feel the weight of stuff more; I feel discouraged faster, unbelief creeps in, the weight of relational tension seems heavier. Talking to my Father is my lifeline.

I have this vivid memory that happened the first time I took part in one of our four-hour prayer meetings. It was about two years ago, and,  frankly, I wasn’t looking forward to such a long prayer meeting. It seemed a bit scary. It started at 7:00PM. I entered the living room, the soft, yellow light was inviting, and the first song took us into His Presence. He met me that night, and my prayer muscles got stretched. That built my faith for the prayer meeting that we did two days ago.

This week I hadn’t been feeling a lot of faith. I personally had been struggling with doubt, and my team hadn’t had a lot of “wow” experiences . But I knew that if I gave myself to praying, Father would meet me. We sang some songs, and then spent a while seeking Him personally. Then we came together and prayed for this nation. I had this strange feeling I should grab a tambourine and go to the map and play it. Having terrible rhythm, I felt really corny. Really, really lightly I played. Then Clyde grabbed a drum, and Eva started dancing. It was awesome. The whole time, people were praying some awesome prayers. Again, my spirit was lifted. He is the lifter of my head.

You know, prayer is hard to understand. Is it about the words you say? Why does God ask you to pray when He knows what you need? I could go on. I think it comes down to one thing…our heavenly Father hears and responds to the faith of His kids.

Thanks for joining me in asking Him to move in this nation among the university students!