As we got on the bus I was thinking about how I wanted to talk to Jack about God but hadn’t gotten the chance because his friend was with us all the time and we hadn’t had a time just to talk to each other. On the bus ride there we did not talk as Jack’s friend was in between us and I thought that might happen again. However as we got on the bus to head home the back row was already taken, which is the only place where 3 or more people can sit together. So I motioned to Jack to sit on the right side of the bus and I sat next to him and his friend sat in the seat across the aisle, that way I got to talk to just Jack. The whole hour long ride back we talked about our dreams, what it means to be happy and most importantly about God. We talked about how science and God aren’t opposed and that what he had been taught about religion was not true.

That conversation made my whole trip to Jack’s hometown worth it and it came about totally in response to asking God. I had asked God that morning for the opportunity to talk to Jack and asked God again on the bus ride to the museum. It was, and always is, really encouraging to see God answer my prayers. That whole trip really was a lesson in my dependence on God for everything and that He does respond to our prrayers.

The trip to Jack’s was fun and meaningful both to him and me. I also enjoyed going to a friend’s hometown. These past few weeks have been busy and I have had lots of special activities and while a lot of them have been fun, I am looking forwarded to a more normal week. I am also looking forward to starting some Bible studies. I am really excited for what is ahead for us here.

Things to pray about:

  1. For Jack: that he would understand religion is not superstition and that he would accept God as being true.
  2. For me and Hans: that we would know when to start Bible studies and which friends to invest in.
  3. For me: to continue to recognize God’s providence and His guidance both in my work and my life.

– Rocky