Last month was our Mini Camp, the long weekend when Campus Target brings our new recruits to Lima and gives them their first big taste of our team, the vision God’s given us, and our training. During the first evening meeting, as we worshiped God together, my mind was mulling over the theme of the night—“Jesus First.”

With every new stage of life, you need to surrender that new part of life to Jesus. I can’t fully surrender my marriage to the Lord until I have one and I won’t understand what it means to surrender my grandkids to the Lord until my kids move them away.

That evening I was thinking about leading our internship program. Next month on June 8, eight interns will move on to 10 months of training. In addition, we’ll have two internationals participating from a distance. Over the next two years, practically every new long-term member will start their long-term journey by going through our internship program. I will have the wonderful support of competent people, but the responsibility will be primarily mine. And that night, I was feeling the desire to succeed, to not screw it up. What if my inabilities or spiritual shortcomings become the lid for these precious people who will be the future of the work God has called us to in Asia? Do I have what it takes? Will people like me?

As we worshiped together, I was able to give my success to Jesus. I told Him it’s all for Him, and I knew it’s going to be OK. That moment was a gift from God. Since then, I’ve felt more ready to put my hand to the plow and move forward.

As we embark on this journey, it’s so good to know people like you are praying for us and the mission God has called us to. You are an essential member of our team. Thank you!

Here’s how you can pray now:

  • Pray our interns will have all the money they need for their first month in training.
  • Pray that my main internship leadership team member and I will be able to plan for June’s teachings and events well.
  • Pray that God makes our internship team (leaders and interns) into a strong team built on love, trust, and respect.