Last week I wrote and asked you to talk to Father about the first fellowship meeting we were going to have with young believers this semester. Here is the story…

I pulled out the list of possible fellowship attendees from last semester and began sending some texts. I invited some people using English and some using Asian, and responses flowed back, one-by-one. Most of them were not encouraging. “I don’t have time tomorrow.”

“Knight, long time no see! Thanks, but tomorrow I have class.”

Even Sean, the awesome guy I wrote about last week, had to cancel because of things that came up. Jim, another friend who told me he could probably make it, said it was a no go after all. Should we even go through with it?

I decided to invite Lynn, a girl I hadn’t seen in months, not knowing even if I should. Sonata wouldn’t be there, and I really didn’t know Lynn very well. To my surprise, she wrote back that she would come! Wow!

Then Abraham and Kellie told me they would be there, two people I totally didn’t expect to come.

So the next day came, and before long six people sat around a table: Dorcas and her co-worker (two local believers reaching out to students), Kellie, Lynn, Abraham, and me.

We talked about our summers, played a silly game, sang some worship songs, and spent some time talking about the spiritual blessings outlined for us in Ephesians 1. Then we had communion and prayed about our needs and for those around us.

After chatting more and discussing when to schedule the fellowship in the future, we biked and jogged to the subway, where I waved goodbye and the others continued to their university. And as I rode down the escalator toward the subway, a sigh flowed from my soul…

It had been a sweet time. When Lynn was talking to Father, she quietly told Him that she really felt like He was her strength when we were singing that evening. We had good fellowship together.

And best of all–the three students that came–Abraham, Kellie, and Lynn–were the same three that attended the first fellowship that we held last year in March. Do you remember? Do you remember how Abraham and Kellie wanted to give up the next week, but Father rescued us? He cares about His people!