“That’s called salsa.” I said pointing to a bowl of homemade salsa. “This is cheese and that is what we call tortillas.” It was our first taco night of the year and our Asian friend Sean had decided to join us.  He had never eaten Mexican food before and as we told him how to put together a taco, I wondered if I had looked that lost when I was first eating Asian food. It was such a fun and encouraging night to introduce him to new things and hear how his last year has been. Sean became a Christian last year and his faith has continued to grow in the Father.  His passion and love for the Lord completely blows me away.
If anything could encourage you to keep pressing in, it would be Sean. He is an example of why I am here, and why you are furthering the kingdom through prayer and support. God is doing great things here, and we get to be a part of it!

This week was busy with a trip to Hong Kong to renew or visas. We were able to see people from the other cities and hear about the work that is going on around Asia. It was so exciting to be able to give everyone a hug and catch up. I have been missing home quite a bit, and it felt like I was hugging a little piece of home. We were able to walk around Hong Kong and eat some western food (I had chicken wings!). It was a very long day but a truly enjoyable time.

Some of our team took part in another English Corner this week. No worries…I did not get asked if I want a Asian boyfriend again. Thankfully! Sonata and I were able to make some new friends and we are very excited to begin some new relationships. So keep us in your prayers as we begin to see where the Father is leading us.