In less than a week we’ll be flying to another country for a break and some meetings. That’s good news! We’ll be staying about 10 days in the tropical paradise, and then we’ll come back home and prepare to travel to be with local friends during the upcoming lunar New Year.

It seems like a good time to think back over the last six months and thank God for His faithfulness. He gave me the finances I needed to come here. He gave me a call to speak His word. He gave me a roommate and partner that I didn’t like at first glance but is the perfect fit to kick some devil tail. He gave me teammates that are easy to like, placing me with some of the coolest people on earth. He gave us a nice apartment that happened to have heat (just took us a bit to figure that out) and a perpetually hot shower. In those first days at our campus, He led us to searching people and opened the heavens when we talked to them. At times I had chance meetings on the bus and on the street, meetings that led to relationships with people who are just now starting to see the lure of the good news.

I could go on. How about being given the task to teach Chris, my main student, who sucks up everything thrown at like a sponge? Then there were the times when Vash and I would have meetings and the Holy Spirit would show up in almost tangible ways. I could throw in the cool trips I’ve been able to take and mountains I’ve trodded. There was the night when seven people joined the family between the guys’ group and the girls’ group. The list could go on.