There have been so many times where I’ve wondered if my friends are really changed. I mean…I know they are in the family, don’t get me wrong. But is there an active process happening in their life? Are they evolving into who God wants them to be? Getting to know God more and more? I am talking about something more than discipleship. The inner process that takes ‘teaching’ off the page and makes it personal in their lives.

I wonder about this in my own life sometimes. Stopping every so often and evaluating where I am in my walk with the Lord. Am I growing towards Him? Am I still running after Him with all my heart? I’m always honest with myself. And sometimes it’s encourging to see where I am; and other times I need a kick in the tail!

During the first month I was here I made a friend named Roy. And right from bat he joined the family. He was excited to make the decision. We continued to hang out and getting to know each other. He started coming to our weekend party and plugging in with other family members. It was incredible to watch that process!

I knew Roy was starting out on the journey of a lifetime! Roy knew that smoking and partying weren’t things that God liked him to do. So we talked about that quite a bit. And I continued to pray for Him to be set free!

And it happened! This past weekend Roy told me that he has not drank or smoked in a month! I about jumped out of my skin! I was completly shocked! He continued to tell me how He wants to make God happy and live His life for Him.

God is continuing to move in tremendous ways! I know I can trust Him with my life! My future! And my friends lives!