“In my mind I have an image of a doorway, and once you walk through it everything is behind you.”

I don’t remember the exact wording, but Sean said something like this when my roommate Jaws and I were meeting with him over noodles last week. We met Sean early on, and we immediately liked him. He’s soft-spoken and lacks even a hint of pretense. What he says is what he thinks. Earlier Sydney had talked with him about God, learning that he has been exposed to the Good Story in the past. Since then he has come to a couple of Bible studies at our home, and his hunger for truth has been obvious.

Last week was the first time we had had a chance to meet with him personally. So Jaws asked him how he was feeling about belief in the Son. That launched us into a great heart-to-heart discussion about what it means to accept the free gift and follow the Son. Somewhere in the middle of the discussion he came out with the revelation above. Ha! Who ever said you need me and Jaws to explain anything?

Sometimes sharing the Message of Jesus is easy. Sometimes you know it’s going deep, right into the heart. Sean never cried that night, but you know how you can see emotion right behind the eyes? It was there. It was going deep.

In the end he didn’t take the leap that evening. He couldn’t make to our Bible Study last weekend. Maybe he’ll come tomorrow. Join us in crying out for him! We know he’ll be a brother soon!