Do you remember when you were little and you used to build forts in your living room? You would collect all of the blankets in the house and you would take the couch cushions and build a fort. Well last week that is exactly what me, my roommates and our friend Qiu decided to do. Qiu had never made a fort before so we were very excited to show her how it was done. We gathered up some blankets, hangers, chairs and clothespins and we constructed a spectacular fort. I mean it was amazing! After the fort was made we took our mattresses and placed them inside. Not only were we going to hang out in the fort but we were also go to sleep in it! It was a little child's dream come true.

Qiu is one of our friends who we have been pouring into. It is amazing to see how God can change a person's heart. She went from being totally closed to things of God to desiring to come to our family church. She started noticing that we have a hope and a peace about us that she doesn't have. We have a love for one another and a confidence about us. Qiu is just longing for a place to belong and for hope in her life. However, Qiu is a strong Atheist.

We knew that this sleepover night would be a great time to let Qiu know how much we love her and to tell her about God's love. We had a wonderful time hanging out with her, playing ping pong, watching a movie and just talking about life. There came a point where she asked us a question about the Bible and we got to share with Qiu the whole story of God and His Son. It was a powerful time of just letting her know how much the Lord loves her. Our hearts were just crying out that Qiu could come to know God because we saw the hurts and needs that she has in her life. We knew that only God could take those away and give her peace. After we were done sharing with Qiu the story of Jesus we asked her what she thought. She said that she loves the hope and peace that we have and she wants it but she doesn't believe that there is a god. She has grown up in a culture that teaches that there is no god. The culture teaches them that they need to believe in themselves and what they can see. It made our hearts so heavy to hear her answer but then we realized that God was still working in Qiu. He was softening her heart and someday soon she is going to realize that there is a God and that He is the only one who can satisfy the longing in her heart. Please talk to the Lord about Qiu. Ask that Jesus would reveal himself to her in a deep way. Her heart is slowly changing to things of Jesus. Ask God that he would have His way in her life.

Thank you so much for you talks to the Lord on my behalf. Please pray Ephesians 6:19 over my life. Also it is hard not to get discouraged when you are pouring yourself out and sharing with others about the Lord and the doors just don't seem to be opening. Please talk to God that I will continue to be encouraged. That I will know that God's Word does not come back void. I love my friends soo much and I just want them to know His love and to have a relationship with Him. It takes a toll on your heart when they don't seem interested or when the doors seem to be closed. I can't imagine how God must feel. He loves them a million times more than I do. My heart is burdened for my friends but please ask the Lord to pour out even more love in my hearts for my friends. One of my frequent cries to God is “give me more of your love for my friends, break my heart for my friends.” Lord, let the be the cry of all of our hearts. I love you all and eat a lot of Thanksgiving turkey for me.