I’ve had the amazing privilege of seeing (in small settings where you can really see what’s happening) a good number of people make decisions to leap into the Kingdom. Every once in a while, I find myself walking away wondering if what just happened was the real thing. This time, however, I didn’t.

Last Saturday our good friend Arc came to our Bible Club. (Yeah, the guy you’ve been praying for.) How can you describe him? Good English, a bit heavy for an Asian, a tad scruffy, and sometimes comes off as… sleepy, like maybe there’s not much happening behind his forehead. (Don’t let it fool you; he’s brilliant. Language major. Walking dictionary.) He’s not acting himself tonight; something is wrong. We do the Book lesson/discussion, friends make dinner, we eat, sit around–time to go.

On the way to the subway I happen to be walking next to him. I ask him what’s wrong. His answers are vague, and I’m not sure even HE knows. “The Son can give you peace,” I say. “Are you ready to believe?” He says yes, that he’s thought about it and he’s ready.

Jaws, Arc, and I are watching the other guys glide down the long escalator into the underground. When the other guys shout up and ask why he’s not coming, he shouts back, “I’ve still got something to do!” So we meander over to a ledge, sit down on the dirty top, and breathe in the night. Clear, warm, perfect. I’ve already told Arc what things he should pray, so I suggest he just talk to Father in his own language and we’ll listen. Then he prays about a brand new beginning. It was just so right.

Later that night I get a text from our new eternal friend saying, “Thanks for tonight, my brother.” The next day Arc comes with us on a trip to go buy some Books. He tells me, “Last night on the way home I told many things to God. I felt much better.” Later that same day, as we’re praying on our couch, Father gives Arc a vision-like experience where he’s preaching, telling others about Father. I’m not kidding.

I have to be honest. When I tell stories like this, part of me wants to take some credit. A very evil part of me. Because honestly, bozo (talking to myself), what did you have to do with a chance meeting playing basketball, with a prepared heart long before you showed up, with a life transformation in a moment of surrender, with a touch of the Spirit straight to the heart of a baby believer? Absolutely nothing! That’s good, because that means I can do it again! You could too, come to think of it. Wanna come to Asia?