I adjusted the Indian feather on my head, and looked around the room at the blend of 2 cultures – Asians and Americans sitting in a circle together sharing the special day. Half the group wore ridiculously small black paper “pilgrim” hats, while the rest of us wore bright orange hippie-like bands around our foreheads with a yellow construction-paper feather sticking up behind our heads.

Our stomachs were happily full from the delicious improvised Thanksgiving dinner we had prepared for them – using chicken instead of turkey, steaming the carrots, corn, and peas in a rice cooker, and baking an apple pie in a casserole dish in a toaster oven. Some of our closest friends had joined us, curious to discover how Americans celebrate this holiday.

We got to tell them the history of Thanksgiving – how our country was founded on religious freedom, and how God had so faithfully provided for our ancestors. We went around the circle, sharing what we were most thankful for. My teammates took the chance to testify about God’s provision in our lives – testimonies of His healing power and miracles He has done for each of us in answered prayers.

One of our friends thanked God for sending the 2 guys on my team to Asia to share with him “the miracle of God.” Another friend was thankful God had brought 2 of my girls to her as “messengers.” These were two of our friends who joined the family this last month!

I find myself thinking more of home this year, wondering when I will ever spend the holidays with my family again. Yet, as I celebrated the Thanksgiving party with our friends, my thoughts of home faded as I realized again the reason I’m here. And thanked God for bringing our two cultures together, to help each other know Him and be able to celebrate His goodness together!

I want you to know how thankful I am for you – for your prayers and the sacrifices you make to support me financially! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!