It was dark outside, but the soft, yellow light illuminated the room. I looked around at the 15+ American faces and thought about how special it was to be there. We were gathered together; we were gathered together to pray.

And so we began to sing. Carl played on the guitar and we sang a new song to our God above. Then we made one “I believe” statement after another, telling Him how much we trust Him. Then we split up in groups, wrote down the names of friends we had connected with, and one-by-one we asked God to touch them.

And then we sang some more. And then we prayed for each other. Four hours passed by, and I left knowing something had broken in my own heart and in the skies. We had met with our Source.


* I’m doing better personally. I feel ready again to take on each day.

* Yesterday I didn’t have great luck with old ladies. In Walmart, I didn’t know I had to weigh the fruit before checking out. The old lady behind me thought that was pretty funny–pretty funny indeed. I was annoyed (I know, the maturity level I displayed was amazing). Later that day I asked another old lady where I could find some yarn nearby. She told me, “It’s everywhere; just look around.” I didn’t have it in me to thank her for her help, to say the least. I hate it that I can get so worked up by these things. But I love it that God uses me anyway.

* Please ask that God takes care of our new family members. May they grow faster and more deeply than anyone could imagine.

* Remember the young man I met on the street who turned out to be a baby family member? I play basketball with him sometimes. Last week I invited him to our local party for the first time. He didn’t come, but I’m hoping to get him plugged in soon.