Random fact:
Chicken, chicken, chicken… you want some chicken. Okay here you go. (enter dish with potatoes, some beans and some noodles in a light red colored sauce) oh you wanted chicken legs. Yes they are in there. Maybe some chicken breast? Its in there. Light meat, dark meat, it’s all in there. Oh you didn’t want the chicken feet. Well sorry it’s all in there. Something I have learned a few times while I have been here is that it doesn’t matter where in comes from on the chicken, it’s still chicken. And it usually is prepared like that. If you were to watch them cut the chicken up it would involve a chicken, a cleaver and about 15 seconds. After awhile though you get used to getting all the meat off the bones in your mouth.

I have been having a great couple of weeks. I have had the chance to share the truth with a bunch of people and see them respond. They haven’t come into the family but I could tell that they are understanding and it is only a matter of time before they join. For example, we had our weekly guys night this past day. Only a few people came, which is rare, but it was a great time.

First we played a egg toss game outside that led to a few people with egg all over their jackets and a bunch of laughs. After coming up stairs the conversation somehow got started on the guitar in the corner. After a few people goofed around playing one of my roommates, who actually plays, got out some song sheets and we played two songs about God. It was so great to see four guys that barely know anything about God singing songs about Him. And because it was in English and from America it was automatically cool.

After the second song we started talking about the songs and what they meant to us. It gave us a great chance to hear what they had to say about the songs but also an even better time to tell them about the truth. Through this discussion, that covered things like
compassion and forgiveness and what we need to be forgiven from, we found out that one of our friends had read the good book in high school but didn’t have it with him now. Well, well it just so happens I have one of the books (john) with both there language and English right here next to me. I told him that he should read it and we can get together and talk about it. It is always good to see the open doors that God puts before us. I am so excited for what is happening.